We propose various applications such as foods, cosmetics, toiletries, car chemicals, commercial chemicals,
as well as our original packaging such as one-touch packaging (V Pack).

Ready-to-eat / Food Packaging

Delivery / Take-out

We can propose various containers according to your needs such as heat-resistant containers that you can hold with your hands while the contents are hot, top-sealable containers whose contents would not leak, decorated containers with well-considered design, and containers using environment-friendly materials.


〈For Prepared Foods〉

Your product values will be improved through our proposal according to distribution and sales conditions of each use, such as extending the expiration date (for top-sealable containers), retort sterilization, or freeze packs.
We also have standardized trays.

〈Foam Eco Trays〉

This is a both environment and human friendly tray that meets all three aspects; eco-friendly, safe, and convenient.
Foaming reduces the weight of resin to be used by approximately 40% compared to a conventional tray, which also enables to reduce its cost.
Other advantages include that you can hold the tray safely with your hands as the container does not get hot after heating in a microwave, and the tray's barrier function can make the food last longer, contributing to food waste problem.


A container made of CPET, which can be cooked under heat up to 220℃ as is with ingredients. It can be used in various ovens and steam convection ovens, or can be placed into a freezer for storage. It is compatible with top sealing and matching lids.

Long Life

〈Oxygen barrier, retort compatible, skin pack, vacuum bag〉

In addition to room temperature products and chilled products, we can propose films that can be used for barrier containers, vacuum packaging, and skin packs to be stored for a long time, such as nursing care food and emergency food storage.

Keeping Fresh


It is a film that can maintain the freshness of fruits and vegetables by adjusting the optimal oxygen permeation amount according to the type, weight, distribution environment of the fruits and vegetables by micro-hole processing.

Films for thermoform packaging machines

〈barrier, microwavable, freeze,
heat resistant〉

We can propose films and sheets suitable for various applications and request or machine property, including but not limited to extension of expiry date, microwavable, freezer safe, etc. A film to keep the freshness of produce. Can be made with biomass material.

Recycled Packaging

〈ABA (Multi-layer recycle sheet)〉

An ABA PET sheet is an environment-friendly recycle material with the clarity and quality as good as the virgin product.
It can be used for direct contact with food.

〈Recycle System → Heat Resistant PSP (Polystyrene Paper)〉

We will provide services that are both factory and environment-friendly by collecting and processing waste generated in the plant such as plastic scraps and packaging materials and regenerate into other products such as garbage bags and clear file folders.

Functional Barrier Containers

〈Highly transparent / high-barrier / aluminum〉

We have a variety of containers with different functions and characteristics, such as highly transparent barrier containers to show the contents clearly, containers that are safe to be retort sterilized, as well as high barrier containers and aluminum containers that can be stored for a long time.
We have supplied jelly packaging for gift and processed foods.

Mini Containers / Sheet

A small-capacity container to be used for mini jelly packs, concentrated beverages, and concentrated seasonings, some of which come in standardized sizes.
We can also propose sheets that are compatible with FFS (Form Fill Seal) machines.


We have supplied a variety of bottles for beverages and salad dressings to seasonings.
You may also count on us on designing the shrink film.

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