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About Chemical Products

Chemical products are used widely in various industries of the present day, in all stages from the raw materials to the final commodification. We make use of the information and network we have cultivated over the years as a trading company dedicated to chemical products, not limiting ourselves to filling our customers' needs, but also proposing merchandise which will add value. Also, in recent years, society has taken note of the problem of environmental risks posed by chemicals. We took on this issue early and are proactively introducing and proposing environmentally-friendly or low-impact types of products.

In the large scope that is called chemical products, those for fields such as electronics, medicine, and cosmetics are ever advancing in functionality in recent years as "fine chemicals." In such an environment, we, as an expert in fine chemicals, are proposing products with added extra functionality, such as various additives, intermediates, and coating agents.Through such activities, we firmly support our customers' "creation of added value."

Chemical materials

Alcohols, esters, hydrocarbons, glycols, ketones, acids, amines, monomers
calcium carbonate, metal hydrates, etc.

Flame retardants

Phosphoric acid ester-based flame retardants
TCP, TPP, condensed phosphate esters (halogen-containing and non-halogen), etc.
Phosphate flame retardants
APP etc.
Inorganic flame retardants
Aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide
Melamine cyanurate

Functional materials

Coating materials
Acrylic monomers/oligomers, epoxy monomers/oligomers, urethane monomers/oligomers, etc.
High refractive materials
Nano-zirconium slurries (link to Feature site)
Low refractive materials
Nano balloon silica, Fluorine-based resins, etc.
Coating agents
Hard coating, Antiglare coating, Anti-fingerprint coating, etc.
Instant adhesives, inorganics, vulcanization adhesives, hot melts, EVA emulsions, epoxies, urethanes, silicones, acrylics, OCAs
Oils, RTV, powders, emulsions, silane coupling agents

Various epoxidized materials (manufactured by ARKEMA, U.S.A.)


Phthalic acids, adipic acids, phosphoric acids, polyesters, sebacic acids, plasticizers for PLA, other special plasticizers
Additives for resins
Lubricants, stabilizers, reinforcers, antioxidants, UV absorbers, pigments, blowing agents, additives for rubber compounds
Antistatic agents, leveling agents, water repellents, oil repellents, defoamers, release agents, cleaners for rubber components

Fluorosurfactants (manufactured by OMNOVA, U.S.A.)
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