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  1. For more than half a century, we have played a part in the development of automotive industry by supplying raw materials. Utilizing the unique function as a trading company, we have established a system to fulfill the needs of our customers not only by materials but also by providing logistics systems and useful information. Currently, the range of our services is not limited in Japan, but is expanding overseas.
  2. The line of products include a wide range of raw materials to packaging, where we serve as a bridge between material manufacturers and customers that connect beyond the industry. In such case, we also propose customized products for technical and R&D department according to the application.
  3. WE are also focusing on development overseas, where we provide support in both aspects of quality and cost, including the local on-site information as well as new products and materials utilizing our domestic and international network.


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  • exterior parts
  • Engine room
  • interior parts
  • and other products
  • exterior parts
  • interior parts
  • Engine room
  • and other products
Category Subcategory Target Products
exterior parts Lighting PP、PC、PC/ABS、ABS、PMMA、PBT、PA、PAR、PPS、PVC
Bumper PP
Weather Stripping PVC、TPV、Silicone、Foaming Agent
Grille ABS、Plating Agent
Emblem ABS、Plating Agent
Hubcap PC/ABS
Pillar AES
Windshield Wipers PBT
Door Lock POM、ABS
Actuator PBT、PPS、PET
Mirror PP、ABS、PA
Category Subcategory Target Products
interior parts Instrumental Panel PP、ABS、PC/ABS 、PA、PC
Handle Magnesium Alloy
Console Box PP
Gear Stick ABS
Seats PVC、TPO、Additives for Urethane
Connector PA、PBT、PPS
Room Lamp PP、PC、PA
Mirror PA、PP
Category Subcategory Target Products
Engine room Fuel Hose Synthetic Rubber、Carbon Black、Plasticizer、Rubber Chemicals
Water Hose Synthetic Rubber, Carbon Black、Softener、Rubber Chemicals
Air Duct Synthetic Rubber、PP、TPV
Heater PA
Category Subcategory Target Products
Packing and Transportation Materials Corrugated Paper
Bubble Cushioning Material
Returnable Boxes PA
Electrical Components Starter PBT、PA、LCP
Power Station PBT、LCP
Other Equipment Painting Mask Jig Used for painting of automobile lamps / lenses / interior and exterior painted products

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  • Chemical Products
  • Synthetic Resins
  • Other
Category Target Products Product Description Related Pages
Chemical Products Synthetic Rubber NBR、IIR、CPE、POE、POP Product Introduction Made-in-China Raw Materials
Carbon Black
Plasticizer Phthalates、Non-phthalates
Additives Zinc oxide
Anti-aging Agent
UV Absorber
Vulcanization accelerator
Cross-linking Agent Peroxide、Co-cross-linking Agent、HMDC、TAIC
Processing Aid Fatty acid amides (FAAs)
Retarder CTP、EC
Hydrazide compound ADH
Alkylphenol, Cresol formaldehyde, Resorcinol–formaldehyde
Petroleum resin
Amine catalyst DMDEE
Microcrystalline wax
Brominated flame retardant DBDPE Ethylene bis
Ammonium polyphosphate (APP)
Melamine Cyanurate (MCA)
Filler Talc Product Introduction Solid Lubricant (Metal Sulfide)
Barium sulfate
Barium metaborate
Glass Balloon
Flyash Balloon
Aluminum hydroxide
Carbon nanotube (CNT)
Metal sulfide Tungsten、Molybdenum
Particle Size Foaming Agent
Surface Processing Chemical agent for plastic plating、various metal surface treatment chemicals
Water-based Urethane Paint
Water-based Silicone Paint
Adhesive Instant Adhesive、Hot Melt
Silicone Silicone Rubber、Silane Coupling Agent
Release Agent Glycol
Solvent Organic general purpose chemicals、various reagents
Category Target Products Product Description Related Pages
Synthetic Resins Olefin-based PP、EVA Product Introduction Made-in-China Raw Materials
Styrene-based ABS Product Introduction Made-in-China Raw Materials
Engineering Plastics
Epoxy Product Introduction Made-in-China Raw Materials
Phenol Product Introduction Made-in-China Raw Materials
Category Target Products Product Description Related Pages
Other Products Corrugated Paper
Bubble Cushioning Material
Returnable Boxes

Highlighted Products

Made-in-China Raw Materials

Our raw materials made in China have been used in Japanese automobile parts and OA parts, paints and adhesive markets mainly in China, but also shipped to Japan and ASEAN countries.

Metal sulfide

We have an extensive lineup of solid lubricants/metal sulfides, where we can meet detailed requirements including particle size, color, and application.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

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