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Towards achieving a sustainable society by reducing our environmental impact

Preservation of the global environment is becoming a key issue for international society. We draw on our network coordination function to contribute to reducing environmental impacts and preserving the environment through proposing products and solutions that are better for the environment.

Environmentally-friendly products and activities

Initiatives for our customers

We provide the following products and solutions to support our customers’ activities to help the environment.

  • Proposing environmentally-friendly products

    Biomass raw materials
    By using plant-based raw materials, we contribute to less use of petroleum-based raw materials.
    Recycled raw materials
    By using raw materials processed from materials generated during the manufacturing process, we contribute to less use of petroleum-based raw materials.
    We use pouches and trays made from biomass or recycled raw materials.
    See our Products page for details.
    Proposing environmentally-friendly products
  • Proposing digital solutions

    Ledger digitization tool
    By digitizing paper ledgers, we contribute to creating a paperless society.
    Visualization tools
    By making the amount of electricity used and CO2 emitted visible leads to activities to improve and reduce these.
    Operation analysis tool(KadouLyzer)
    This tool is for analyzing operation of equipment by using daily bulletin data. It helps reduce losses due to stoppages or defect, and improve process efficiency.
    See our Solutions page for details.
    Proposing digital solutions
  • Support for awareness campaigns

    Clean Up Monster
    We distribute free and attractive rubbish bags made with environmentally-friendly materials to groups that run rubbish pick-up activities under the theme of "Let's think about environmental issues in a fun way.”

    total distributed


    total participants



    ※Cumulative total for April 2021 to November 2022

    See our Projects page for details.
    Support for awareness campaigns

Initiatives as a company

Continuing initiatives in the following areas is how we can work to prevent increases in greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Keeping electricity consumption down
    Keeping electricity consumption down
    Replacing lighting with LEDs, replacing air conditioning units, etc.
  • Keeping paper use down
    Keeping paper use down
    Introduction and use of digital tools, etc.
  • Revising waste disposal methods
    Revising waste disposal methods
    Changing from burning unwanted confidential documentation to dissolving it
  • Introduction of eco-cars for company-owned vehicles
    Introduction of eco-cars for company-owned vehicles
  • Status of each initiative (FY2022)

    Electricity consumption
    (Compared to 2020、Tokyo/Osaka)

    17 %


    Paper use
    (Compared to 2020、All sites)

    20 %


    No. of HV vehicles among company vehicles
    (Compared to 2020、All sites)

    29 %


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