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About Packaging Materials

We work with all sorts of packaging materials, for foods, cosmetics and toiletries, products for cars, agriculture, and fisheries. We make use of our expertise and skill and our network inside the industry?cultivated over many years as a trading company dedicated to chemical products?to provide our customers with the product development and proposals suitable for them.
In recent years, we have not limited ourselves to packaging materials but have offered proposals of complete product concepts as a package.
We are also working earnestly in concern for the effect on the environment, being involved the development of environmentally-friendly materials centered on biomass and suggesting their use.

  • Food
  • Cosmetics & Toiletry
  • Industrial products



Dessert containers

Let us suggest functional containers and films, featuring barrier containers.

Drink container

Let us suggest various solutions such as drink bottles, containers, and pouches.

Seasoning container

We have available generic products?dressing bottles, potion containers? and our original retort pouches.

Processed food container

Let us suggest trays and containers to suit processed foods such as hams and sausages.

Function food container

Let us suggest high-function containers for health foods and nursing-care foods.

Food circulation material

We have various types of packaging materials available.

Food production facility

Let us suggest packaging machines and filling machines for food manufacturing.

OEM(Original equipment manufacturer)

Let us supply recipe ideas and final products, spanning a wide range from desserts to processed foods.

Refill pouch

Let us supply recipe ideas and final products, spanning a wide range from desserts to processed foods.

Functional pouch

Let us suggest containers vested with our original functions, focusing on business use.

Standard pouch

We can ship from a minimum of one case, matching the required capacity from 150mL to 2L.

Special shape pouch

Our original technology adds functionality to this refill pouch.

Biomass film

This refill pouch has been designed with the environment in mind.

Unit packing film

Let us suggest the film that meets your needs, such as hanging bags and trial films.

Shrink film

Let us present various shrink films, mainly body-wrapping shrink films.

Dressing case

Let us offer suggestions from a wide range of options, from value-adding decorative boxes to cardboard.


We are able to suggest specially-processed labels.

Filling & Packing machine

Let us suggest facilities related to manufacturing cosmetics and toiletry products.

OEM(Original equipment manufacturer)

We are able to supply recipe ideas and final products, for products from hair care and skin care to beauty food.

Car use

Let us suggest functional films for car goods.

Liquid container

Let us suggest containers matching the content and capacity.

Process material

Let us suggest high-function films to be used as materials during processing.

Testing equipment

We have various testing equipment available.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

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