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Management Vision

Based on trust and history over 120 years as a trading company specializing in chemical products, we will be launching a new management vision to develop further as a trading company contributing to the society of the 21st century.

We have two major points, "transforming into a business planning company" and "global development" as the pillars of our business development. Adding these new keywords,"environment" and "digital transformation (DX)", whose demand is expected to increase in the future, we will expand our business to meet the needs of rapidly accelerating and diversifying society and customers.

Transformation into a Business Planning Company

Transformation into a Business Planning Company

In addition to the network coordinating function, our core value, we will be building a next-generation trading company business to realize a sustainable society by enhancing the solution that captures the changes of the times.

[Area of Focus]
  • * Strengthening of high value-added trading business and investment in related fields
  • * Building next-generation business with keywords including environment and digital transformation (DX)
Accelerating Global Expansion

Accelerating Global Expansion

We aim to expand our global network focusing on China and ASEAN markets as well as building a business centered on local markets overseas.

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