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As a trading company specializing in chemical products,
will utilize our unique knowledge and network to develop
from materials and create proposals that satisfy all aspects;
functionality, convenience, and reducing environmental burdens.

Foaming Materials

〈Foamming Eco Trays〉

This is a both environment and human friendly tray that meets all three aspects; eco-friendly, safe, and convenient.
Foaming reduces the weight of resin to be used by approximately 40% compared to a conventional tray, which also enables to reduce its cost.
Other advantages include that you can hold the tray safely with your hands as the container does not get hot after heating in a microwave, and the tray's barrier function can make the food last longer, contributing to food waste problem.

〈Laminated Products〉

We will help develop and propose products that add value including functionality, design, and environmental suitability by laminating various films, such as barrier, decoration, and biomass films.

〈Selection of Material〉

We select materials according to the application, such as biomass, versatile resins, and engineering plastics to develop and propose products that need various needs and standards.

Long Life Materials

〈Barrier PP Filler〉

Use of filler increases the rigidity of the container, as well as adding functions such as heat and cold resistance.
Utilizing the knowledge of many development history, we not only propose materials and shapes suitable for your application, but also support making the product last longer by using the topper film fitted for the container.

〈 Highly Transparent Barrier〉

The container's high clarity allows the contents to be seem clearly, and it also offers Oxygen barrier function. Combined with the topper film, it can be used to extend the shelf life of the content. Since the container is microwavable, it can be used for a wide range of application such as prepared foods.

〈High Barrier〉

The Oxygen permeability is strictly suppressed at a high level so the taste and flavor of the food in the container is well maintained.
The shelf life can be extended by combining the top film with gas replacement and retort sterilization.


A sealed container using aluminum foil for both easy opening and high sealing, which supports both boil and retort sterilization, in addition to storage and light shielding properties.
As the material can suppress discoloration due to UV rays, it is widely used for gift set (desserts), nursing care food and emergency storage food that all have a long shelf life.

Biomass Material

These are eco-friendly materials using biomass-derived raw materials including starch (pulp, corn), filler, and limestone. We can provide materials where reduction of use of fossil fuel can lead to suppress CO2 emission, which also comply with the Food Sanitation Act.

Material Development

Utilizing our network, we develop from the raw material in Japan, China, and ASEAN. We can propose a variety of products such as compounds, sheets, and films.

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