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Start of the “K-21-C7-VII” Medium-Term Management Plan (From October 2015 to September 2018)

In October of 2015, our company started implementation of its new Medium-Term Management Plan. This is the third Medium-Term Management Plan of our “Plan 2020” for realizing the company’s vision over a period of 10 years. According to this plan, during this three-year period (Periods 70 to 72), our company will aim to become a business planning company based on the following basic strategic policy with the management philosophy as the pillar.

Basic Strategic Policy

  1. Focus on human resource development and on improving organization ability in order to establish a foundation for becoming a business planning company.
  2. Focus on the development of technologies and establishment of a new business model in order to improve our function and position as a trading company.
  3. Identify growth markets and growth fields overseas, and aggressively develop our business in these markets and fields.
  4. Conduct corporate activities in compliance with laws and regulations, social rules, and articles of incorporation.

Performance Goals

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