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We have been an intermediary for chemical and molding manufacturers since the days when synthetic resins came on the market, and have been handling the sales of a wide variety of building material products of our customers.

  • Interior materials

    High-grade wallpapers (decorative sheets), fusuma paper, shoji paper, plastic tatami, urethane and insulators, melamine facing plates

  • Interior materials

    Balcony decorative materials, aluminum-resin composite panels, polycarbonate plates

  • Other materials

    Silane-type water barrier penetrant coating, silicones, EPS blocks

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The living environment has changed in recent years due to changes in lifestyles and the structure of society.
We strive to add to the creation of tranquil living spaces by proposing products that would satisfy customers while having at the core product development based on the opinions from customers and the network we have with partner manufacturers and processing companies.
We are also proactively widening the products we handle and pioneering new markets with overseas markets in view for further growth.

Products Developed

Plumbing renovation materials


Rigid PVC style strip


Comfort Panel

Residential dwelling decks



Business markets and fields

Interior materials

  • High-grade wallpapers (decorative sheets)
  • Fusuma paper
  • Shoji paper
  • Plastic tatami
  • Insulators, urethane
  • Melamine facing plates

Exterior materials and other

  • Balcony decorative materials
  • Aluminum-resin laminated composites
  • Polycarbonate plates
  • Silicones
  • EPS blocks

Products Developed

  • Plumbing renovation materials

    "Rigid PVC style strip"

    "Comfort Panel"

  • Residential dwelling decks


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